Annotated Bibliography

 This page will be dedicated to a brief Annotated Bibliography of current research or teaching books that I read.

Silent Reading

Williams, Ebonee. “Breaking the Barriers to reading Success in Middle and High Schools.” Reading Improvement, vol. 51, no. 2, 2014, pp. 233-36.


Williams introduces her argument by discussing the students who enter high school with inadequate abilities to pass major stakes tests and obtain an education that leads to college readiness, which she then argues can increase joblessness and even incarceration.  Due to the above issues, Williams states that teachers need to utilize reading strategies that have proven effective through research. An indicator that schools will help students achieve higher reading levels, according to Williams and the studies she sites, is schools that dedicate an allotted time for student to do choice reading in school, as opposed to being assigned reading homework.  However, Williams warns that some schools do not find positive outcomes from their programs if students are allowed to read any book and if teachers are not given books at various reading levels to use with the students. To ensure students read books at the correct level, Williams suggests using a color-coding system wit stickers.  By this type of preparation, Williams reports that students will gain more of an appreciation for reading and as a result, be able to show an understanding of more texts.  In the next section, Williams suggests that content teachers turn more and more to trade books to teach various lessons and she suggests that teachers allow students to self select the trade books to read (from the class selection) to allow for a bit more individualization of learning over the specific topic being covered. It is important to note, that Williams states if this is to be a successful teaching/learning experience, students must have adequate time to read the trade books in class to gain an understanding of the books.  In the rest of the article, Williams gives recommendations for middle school teachers.


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